Dropz 4 Ultra

Dropz 4 Ultra
- Design your owner tracer light colors and effects! Just like our Hyper Violet led with the red tracer through the purple dot but now you get to pick your dot and chacer color! Turn it into a 2 Color Ribbon, or tracer with spacing!

- Exclusive color creation technology that lets you create your own custom color and turn it into a 3 strobe or ribbon!

- Exlusive randomizer technology, transforming your light into patterns that are impossible to duplicate!

This light does anything and everything!

This is the cream of the crop my friends! This light can do everything and anything from ribbons to strobes, to rainbows, to insane effects never before seen! Enjoy this wild create that is EXCLUSIVE to Liquidemotions.com. Welcome to the world of the Dropz 4 Ultra 500 Function Microlight my friends! Cased in the same great Dropz 4 casing you have know to love, powered by 2 CR-2016 batteries for long lasting power and brightness! Check out the chart below for all of the wild modes and functions for each mode! Enjoy! .